Thursday, March 17, 2011

12 Books You Need In Your Library

If you are interested in any of my recommendations for growing the Christian intellect, here is a short list of books that I have found useful.

1. The Bible--in various translations...or original languages if you can (North American christians are in severe need of Biblical literacy. We should know the Word of God more than we know the Thursday night tv schedule.)

Helps For Studying the Bible

2. Bible Study That Works, by David L. Thompson
3. Living By the Book, by Howard G. Hindricks and William D. Hindricks

Helps For Thinking

4. Habits of the Mind, James W. Sire
5. The Art of Thinking, Ernest Dimnet

Helps For Apologetics/Theology

6. Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis
7. Orthodoxy, G.K. Chesterton
8. The Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer
9. 3 Vol. Systematic Theology, Thomas Oden (These three volumes have now been condensed into one volume under the title: Classic Christianity)

Helps For Church History

11. The Story of Christianity Vol. 1 & 2, Justo L. Gonzalez

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